Travel Information for Huaraz

Travel Information for getting to Huaraz from Lima

The routes into huaraz will depend on the amount of time you have and the schedule you’re working too.

The bus is around 7 hours, but there are some very good services and the buses are comfortable & a more economical option also.
The flights have a reputation for delays but they are obviously a lot quicker into the region.

Flight schedules can be checked here


You can buy tickets on-line with one of these companies:


Some bus companies do not sell tickets for some services until sometimes as late as 4 weeks before the date of travel.

Normal Bus Schedules

Approximate ticket prices are US$30 to US$45 (booking fee included) one way depending on the date of travel, class of ticket and demand for tickets. Ticket prices are higher on Peruvian public holidays or school holidays

The airline LC PERU operates a limited flight service between Lima and Huaraz.
This airline has been very unreliable in the past
They change flight schedules and even the days of the week that they will operate a flight without notice and have often as a result disrupted clients travel plans
Currently they fly between Lima & Huaraz on only three days per week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Depart Lima 07:30am arrive Huaraz 08:35am
Depart Huaraz 09:10am arrive Lima 10:15am

If you wish to use the flight service you can buy tickets direct on line at:
You should not use the flight service if you are planning a connection with another flight the same day.

If you find for some reason that you are unable to buy your tickets on line, let us know and we can buy tickets from the Huaraz airline office (booking fee US$30 one way or US$35 return ticket per passenger applies)

The airport is 23kms outside central Huaraz.

There is no shuttle service from the airport. There often will be taxis at the airport who have dropped off passengers and who offer cheap return trips back to Huaraz, but it cannot always be guaranteed there will be a taxi available

We can organise a private transfer into Huaraz if you prefer. The fees for a one way transfer are:

1 or 2 people = US$25 total
3 to 8 people = US$55 total
9 to 12 people = US$75 total

We can organise private transfers between the airport, hotel, and bus station with a helpful and honest Lima based service

The prices are:
Airport to hotel (and vice versa)
1 or 2 people one way US$40 total
3 people one way US$45 total
4 or 5 people one way US$61 total
6 people one way US$70 total

Hotel to bus station (and vice versa)
1 or 2 people one way US$35 total
3 people one way US$38 total
4 or 5 people one way US$56 total
6 people one way US$65 total

The price includes one hour wait at airport for delayed flight.

There is an extra charge for waiting for a delayed flight in excess of one hour or making return trips to the airport in the case of extensive flight delays or cancellations.

AREA: Transfer prices relate to transfers to and from hotels in the areas of Downtown Lima, Miraflores, San Isidro and San Miguel. Extra fee applies to transfers to Barranco, Surco or other areas.

Lima transfers will be added to your final trip invoice with us.