Sacred Valley Tour: Lares Valley

The Lares Valley lies just next to the main route of the Sacred Valley. There are many little towns and poblados here that you can walk through to get an understanding of real life in the Andes.

Culturally it’s very distinct in this valley and they maintain a way of life that dates back for centuries. Towns like Cuncani, Huacahuasi & Patacchanta are vibrant with life and arrieros, their mules & farmsteads exist here. The views are spectacular with many lagunas dotted through the valley. On some routes Mt. Pitsuray provides the backdrop to the trek and a number other peaks surround.

Lares valley is easily accessible from Cusco and provides a nice place to escape to away from the usual routes, it’s perfect for trekking also. Some reasonably tough mountain passes can be expected, but generally the trekking is moderate with occasionally challenging sections.

There are a few different routes you can do here, trek lengths normally range from 2 – 4 days and it’s easy to incorporate Machu Picchu as well as part of the trekking expedition. The location is ideal if you’re short on time in Cusco but would like to experience Andean life.

Lares Valley Mountain Pass

Lares Valley

Below are a few trek ideas to consider as part of your trip to Cusco.

It’s reasonably inexpensive to plan a trek to the Lares Valley because of it’s proximity to Cusco & minimal additional entrance fees in comparison to other well known treks.

In our opinion these treks offer a better experience of real Andean life because of the sparsity of tourism here; it’s quite rare to experience other trekking groups on the same route.

Sacred Valley Tour: Lares Trek – 2 Days

Sacred Valley Tour: Lares Trek – 3 Days

Sacred Valley, Lares Trek & Machu Picchu Tour – 4 Days