Sacred Valley Tour: Huilloc

Sacred Valley Tour: Huilloc is a traditional Andean community just outside the more well known town of Ollantaytambo. It’s a very rustic place; but the local people are incredibly warm and welcoming. They open their doors for all travellers, and love to include homestays as part of your trekking experience.

It’s very easy to add a homestay as part of a Lares Valley trek for example or any other Sacred Valley trip. It’s well worth the experience to stay with a local family and their community; to experience real life here in the valley and learn how they utilise local resources.

Pachamanca style cooking will typically be on the menu for any stay. This is a traditional method of Andean cooking; where food is cooked underground and lined with local grasses to protect food during the cooking process. It’s all natural with nothing artificial added and the flavours are strong but delicious from the grasses and herbs they add to the mix.

You will experience local customs; there are many fiestas in these parts along with ‘chicha‘ (local brew) being readily available for those that like to sample local distilling. Traditional dress is very much a part of the cultural makeup here and it’s a very distinctive style but one that bonds the communities here and keeps the culture live and ongoing.

Example itinerary that includes a homestay in Huilloc

Embark on a beautiful 2 day trek through the Sacred Valley Tour: Lares Valley. A trek through traditional native communities where you can see how these populations survive & thrive using local resources.

Starting at the Hot Springs of Lares Valley you’ll pitstop for lunch after a fairly long drive from Cusco in the morning. After lunch you follow a trail for about 4 hrs to the first campsite of Huachuasi. Here llamas & horses graze and are kept for many of the farmsteads.

On the second beginning from Huachuasi you’ll head deeper into the valleys of this area and see many traditional quechuan farm practices, whilst also scaling a 4,800m mountain pass. On the descent you’ll pass a mountain lake in Ipsaycocha & descend down to the town of Patacchanta for lunch.

Afterwards you’ll trek to Huilloc; a traditional Andean community where you have the opportunity to enjoy a homestay and some of the local customs. The families love to welcome trekkers and a pachamanca style dinner will often be served (food cooked underground with local herbs and all natural). Overnight here then continue to Ollantaytambo to explore the ruins in the late afternoon.

This caps a great few days before the journey back through to Cusco or the Sacred Valley and onwards to Machu Picchu.

Google map for Huilloc Community