Restaurants in Lima

The restaurants below are some of the finest, leading the food revolution of Lima. These restaurants are redefining traditional Peruvian food by creating fusions with local ingredients & predominantly asian cuisines.

Most of the upmarket establishments tend to be in Miraflores, but if you venture further out you will find many good local places where the food and ambience can often match the more central locations. Ceviche is a strong favourite in Lima, largely because of it’s coastal location and abundance of daily fresh fish.

Barranco, a district further south from Miraflores, is home to many artesenal food places & micro brewing industries. The buzz here is pretty relaxed and a more bohemian theme than Miraflores. Ceviche restaurants & houses have a strong presence, if seafood is a favourite you’ll love it here.

On many weekends you’ll also find street market stalls selling the freshest foods & local flavours.

There are some great microbreweries in Barranco also where you’ll find freshly brewed ales & chic ale-houses for sampling the pale ales & stouts.

Establishments we recommend in Lima:

Central Restaurante

Central Restaurante, Calle Santa Isabel 376, Miraflores, Lima 15074, Peru  +51 01 2428515




Astrid y Gaston


Maido, Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores 15074, Lima, Peru  +51 01 4462512

Museum Larco + Cafe