A selection of some of the best Cafes in Cusco

Some of the best cafes and restaurants to sample in Cusco!

Lunch and/or Evening Dining


One of the cuisines that traveled the most in the world, and that more palates loved during the last decades, is Japanese cuisine. As always when a kitchen reaches a new land, it mixes with the techniques and ingredients of its new surroundings. The nikkei culinary always includes fresh ingredients, clean flavors and a high professional level in the handling of the details. The high Japanese cooking technique, reinventing ours with resources of the region, achieving a dream result. The LIMO experience, from our traditional balcony overlooking the Plaza de Armas, is a journey through the Nikkei kitchen and offers an amazing cocktail bar.

Cicciolina & Baco’s

A beautiful dining experience is not only the food, for us it is actually the whole idea of going out; where the food and the wine are part of everything around of you. The whole experience of Cicciolina starts with finding out about another part of life, the aromas from the open kitchens, the amazing women and men that attend you and the feeling of how everyone sort of knows each other, pecks on detail. What we look for is to create an ambience, where from the time you walk in the door, you feel like you want to stay & pass some time observing, experiencing, with the surprise of wonderful flavors in our food. A little bit cosmopolitan, a lot like the city itself.

La Bodega 138

The building that houses La Bodega 138 is the house where we grew up. As far as we can remember, the house at Herrajes 138 was always more than just a home. It was a gathering place, always open to family and friends who came to Cusco.

In the kitchen, something delicious was always being prepared. Spaghetti Bolognese and our grandma’s Lasagna were everyone’s favorites back then and are now featured on our menu.

There was always great music and we engaged in deep and not so deep conversations. People danced and laughed and, above all, they were happy.


Jack’s Cafe

Museo del Cafe

Food and Beer

Cholos Tap Room

Norton’s Rat Tavern