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Ausangate Region: the Nevadas, the Region & it’s People.

The Ausangate Region is a special place in the Andes of Cusco; it’s far enough outside of Cusco to be considered very remote; but it’s also near enough to be accessible for an amazing adventure.

Often you will encounter small poblados (small local communities); with many farming llamas for their way of life. Many children will greet you, often after ‘dulces‘ (sweets) to savour.

A lot of the houses & shelters in the area don’t have basic utilities such as electricity, gas, tap water; things we take for granted in more developed countries.

It’s a simple way of life out here, hard but no poorer for it in our opinion, being off grid and out in the natural environment must be a great and happy way of life.

Trekking and Mountain Conditions

Trekking through Ausangate

The traditional trek circuit normally takes 5 days, but there are a number of variations you can do over 3 – 14 days.

To trek in the region of Ausangate is a stunning adventure but also it’s unforgiving if you’re not prepared for adverse weather conditions & the altitude. There are some farmsteads and small communities dotted around this mountainous landscape; often they will help out if you are lost or in need of some assistance.

The Ausangate region is a welcoming place; the people who live there, and in the Andes generally; are some of the warmest most generous people you could ever hope to meet.

Ausangate Adventures

There are a number of trek routes you can do, that range from 3 to 14 days. It’s easy enough to incorporate Mt. Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain),  the Red Valley & other peaks.

The further in you go to the Cordillera Vilcanota (Quispicanchi & Canchis Provinces) the more remote and wild the conditions become.

Trek some of the most incredible Glaciers in the mountainous region of Ausangate. Climb and explore glaciers QelccayaChumpeOcchullo AnantaQampaYayamari & Huayruro Punco.

Bespoke climbing expeditions usually range from 4 – 12 days.

Selected Trek & Climb Plans

Below is a selection of ideas you can consider if you’re looking for an adventure that’s indigenous and away from mainstream tourism.

A Peru Adventure: The Peaks of Ausangate – 6 Days

Ausangate Nevada & Rainbow Mountain Trek – 3 Days

Ausangate Nevada – Camping Trek – 5 Days

Trek & Climb: Nevado Qampa (5,500m) – 3 Days



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