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About Us

About Us: We are developing programs and custom trips, for travellers, that go beyond the traditional routes and take you deeper into the incredible environments that exist in this country.

Spending a lot of time in the Andes we continue to explore the Cordilleras Vilcanota & Vilcabamba around the Cusco Region. These are vast mountain ranges, with routes, natural environments & community cultures you’re unlikely to experience elsewhere.

Increasingly the Amazon Jungle is becoming a more popular destination for adventurers, it’s one of the largest natural environments in the world. We’re opening up routes that differ from the traditional jungle lodges around the big towns like Puerto Maldonado and are developing exploratory & expedition style trips into domains that are more natural, less traveled, rich in wildlife and native habitats.

We like to approach travel in a way that all things are possible and when the opportunity arises we get great satisfaction designing tours for adventurers that like to go beyond the traditional routes.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

“Trekking in the Andes, The Amazon Jungle, Customised Tours in Peru.”

How did you get involved in travel?

“Living in Cusco about 12 years ago, I worked here for a few companies & decided to return to get involved with the travel industry here again because the excitement of travel in this region draws you in. The atmosphere, culture, mix of locals and traveling groups in the city makes Cusco the destination for all travelers to South America.”

A unique travel experience you will never forget?

“The Andes are a special place and have great memories of trekking around a lot of the routes here in the Cusco Region. More recently we have been exploring the Peruvian Amazon, along the Madre de Dios, looking for new places and ventures. The scale of the river and the jungle here is awesome and the people that live here are just as friendly as those you find in the Andes. The further in you go the more you understand about how interesting life is here and the opportunities there are to uncover some indigenous communities.”

Tell us your ideas
We’ll build your plan together
We’ll organise & arrange your whole plan inland
We’ll operate your plan to suit you

Who We Are

A bit about us


South America, Peru, Cusco

Mountain Expedition Cook – With over 20 yrs Experience Teobaldo knows his way around the Andes! He’s an expert chef, great to trek with and serves very high quality meals,..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Roxana, is a native to Cusco. She is our nurse & support guide. With experience of groups in Lares, Choquequirao, Inca Trail and Salkantay she has firsthand knowledge of local..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Rolfi has worked with a number of large tour operators in Cusco. He has many years of experience guiding and also being a native of the Sacred Valley, living in..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Tour Guide – Noe leads many of our treks, specialising in the Lares Valley, Ausangate, Choquequirao & Vilcabamba to name a few. A native to Cusco & passionate about his..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Nikkolas is our Arriero in the Lares Valley, his family live in the poblado of Huacahuasi. Small by stature but as strong as any of the mules he looks after...


South America, Peru, Cusco

Mayra is one of our support guides, she is fluent in Spanish & English and has a wide range of experience in guiding. She has a good sense of humour..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Jesus (right) is one of our drivers, ready to leave at all times and in all weathers! An ex-security officer he’s an experienced driver and knows the routes around Cusco..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Trip Planner – I like to approach travel in a way that all things are possible and when the opportunity arises I get a lot of satisfaction designing tours for..


Cusco, Peru

Born in Santiago Cusco, but latterly living in Lima where he has dedicated time to family businesses & having spent almost 20 years guiding in Cusco-Puno-Arequipa and Lima. Edu has..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Edgar is a real character and knows his food! Living in Cusco, he’s had a lot of experience working in the Andes over the years. Fun loving and a genuinely..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Cynthia, also Cusquenan, manages all of our reservations and logistics. She also guides historic tours around the City & many of the historic Inca sites dotted around Cusco. A great..

Alberto & Juan Carlos

South America, Peru, Cusco

Alberto (right) is one of our mountain cooks, having many years experience preparing food & sustenance in the Andes, he’s a great guy to have along on our expeditions. Juan..

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