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Making the right choices for your trip

Service & Commitments

At Unu Raymi Expeditions; we’ll always keep our commitment to deliver the best customised experience created from your own personal & group requirements.

We’ll provide as many available custom options for planning your ideal trip; operating & incorporating many off-the-beaten path experiences for your trip or expedition. Before your trip begins we’ll work with you to ensure you are fully prepared and happy before setting off; we’ll continue this once you’re inland with us responding to your individual needs & requirements.

Throughout your time and experience with us; one of our main goals is to help you expand your own boundaries both physically & spiritually. We want you to go away feeling as though you have been challenged to achieve optimal success and enjoyment from your trip.


We work with guides who are reputable, respected, well-qualified and that know how to look after our travellers. Our guides are fun, friendly and always maintain a sense of humor even in the toughest challenges. We access regions and summits many guides are insufficiently trained and permitted to go. As well, all of our guides have extensive high-altitude & expedition experience.

Safety Guaranteed

We will always put our traveller’s safety first and foremost as we take your health & safety as the most important part of the trip.

  • Radio Equipment: On the expedition we will use radios to assist with evacuations or to do reconnaissance on expedition conditions.
  • Medical: Oxygen is always available on our expeditions, oximetro (to read oxygen levels in your blood), diamox (to combat any bad effects of altitude sickness), along with a complete medical box set for expeditions.
  • Health: Your health will be checked at regular intervals along the route (e.g. at every camp). All of our guides are fully trained in first aid and mountain rescue.
  • We have an on-call Nurse available in Cusco and the Sacred Valley to care for any ailments you may have or any requirements for localised treatments.
  • Pacing: It is important to go at a pace you are comfortable with and our guides will help support you in this.
  • Insurance: We advise that you have travel adventure insurance for any kind of trip or expedition abroad. For high-altitude expeditions (5,500m +) we also highly recommend emergency evacuation insurance.


We’ll always work with any traveller to develop their dream trip no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on being very competitive whilst not compromising on quality aspects of any trip. Investing in the best available equipment, guides, assistants, accommodation, transport and food ensures we can deliver the best trip plans.

There is a solution to most trips and budgets, we’ll work with you to ensure we get it absolutely right. Transparency with all trip quotes is how we like to work and we will be clear throughout the trip planning process.

Our Company Ethics

We are a very small family company working out of Cusco, Peru; we invest in our communities and its local people. Utilising local resources & people throughout our trips; we pay very fair wages and above the average market conditions to assure quality and loyalty in everything we do.


We are working with the latest protocols issued by the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health) to ensure our operations are safe and compliant for the future. All hygiene standards that are being developed will be adhered to in compliance with state legislation and protocols.

Alongside this we have our own on-call nurse available in Cusco and the Sacred Valley to care for you during your time with us. For high-altitude expeditions you will also have health assistance available from our nurse on these trips for your own health & safety.

A bit more about us

Making the right choices for your trip

About Us

About Us: We continue to develop expeditions and customised trips, for travellers, that often go beyond the traditional routes and take you deeper into the incredible environments that exist in this country.

Spending much of our time in the Andes we continue to explore the Cordilleras Vilcanota, Vilcabamba, Blanca & Huayhuash around the Cusco Region and north in Huaraz, Ancash. These are immense mountain ranges, with routes, natural environments & community cultures you’re unlikely to experience elsewhere.

Increasingly the Amazon Jungle is becoming a more popular destination for adventurers, it’s one of the largest natural environments in the world. We’re opening up routes that differ from the traditional jungle lodges around the big towns like Puerto Maldonado and are developing exploratory & expedition style trips into domains that are more natural, less traveled, rich in wildlife and native habitats.

We like to approach travel in a way that all things are possible and when the opportunity arises we get great satisfaction designing tours for adventurous travellers who like to go off the beaten path.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

“Trekking & Climbing in the Andes (Peru & Argentina – Aconcagua, El Chalten & El Calafate), Torres del Paine – Patagonia (Chile), the Amazon Jungle, customised expeditions & tours in Peru. Expanding into Ecuador, Bolivia & Colombia in 2021 and beyond.”

How did you get involved in travel?

“Living in Cusco over 14 years ago, I worked here for a few tour operators & decided to return to get involved with the travel industry here again because the excitement of travel in this continent draws you in. The atmosphere, culture & local traditions, makes Cusco the destination for all travelers to South America.”

What is special about Peru for you?

“The Andes are a special place and I have great memories of trekking around a lot of the routes here in the Cusco Region. One of my favourite memories is trekking around the Ausangate Nevada with a friend. More recently we have been exploring the Peruvian Amazon, both along the Madre de Dios & the Amazon in Iquitos, looking for new places and adventures. The scale of the jungle here is awesome and the people that inhabit the jungle are just as friendly as those you find in the Andes. The further in you go the more you understand about how interesting life is here and the opportunities there are to uncover some indigenous communities.”

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Who We Are

A bit about our team


South America, Peru, Cusco

High-Mountain Expedition Cook With over 20 yrs expedition experience Teobaldo knows his way around the Andes! Regularly completing expeditions along the Inca Trail, Salkantay, Lares Valley & Ausangate, he’s an..


South America, Peru, Cusco.

Travel Writer Sofia is a very enthusiastic and curious traveler, she has travelled through 17 regions of her country in search of enrichment in learning about her cultural and natural..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Field Nurse Roxana is Cusqueñan. She is our nurse & support guide. With experience of being with our groups in the Lares Valley, Choquequirao, Inca Trail, Salkantay & Patagonian Chile..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Nikkolas is our Arriero in the Lares Valley, his family live in the poblado of Huacahuasi. Small by stature but as strong as any of the mules he looks after...


South America, Peru, Cusco

Driver Jesus is our main expedition driver, ready to leave at all times and in all weathers! An ex-security officer he’s an experienced driver and knows the routes around Cusco..


South America, Peru, Cusco

Trip Planner I like to approach travel in a way that all things are possible and when the opportunity arises I get a lot of satisfaction designing tours for adventure..


Cusco, Peru

High-Mountain Guide Born in Santiago Cusco, but latterly living in Lima where he has dedicated time to family businesses & having spent almost 20 years guiding in Cusco-Puno-Arequipa and Lima...


South America, Peru, Cusco

Customer Logistics & Reservations Manager Cynthia is Cusqueñan, and manages all of our tour reservations and logistics. Along with this Cynthia is also now a tourism professor at a local..

Alberto & Juan Carlos

South America, Peru, Cusco

Alberto (right) is one of our mountain cooks, having many years experience preparing food & sustenance in the Andes, he’s a great guy to have along on our expeditions. Juan..